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Welcome to heavenlybackyardbird!

Eastern Bluebird by Nachiii

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
~Gary Snyder


A group for all bird lovers, watchers and artists!
A group for nature and all animal lovers as well!

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
  • deviantART's policies
  • Please submit your best work
  • Black & White photography must be crisp and clear
  • Birds must be large and clear enough to identify, even in flight
  • All media is allowed
  • All work must be original
  • All art, including fractals, must be nature oriented
  • Soft pastel and bright colors are appreciated in artwork
  • Photo-manipulations must be nature oriented
  • Full credits should be given to photo-manipulations
  • Please minimize man-made structures
  • Bridges, fences and pathways will be considered individually
  • Bird houses will be accepted
  • Vintage photos of nature accepted with proper credit

The following will be declined:
  • Poor quality
  • Animal cruelty
  • Injured or dead animals
  • Animals eating identifiable animals
  • Mature content, mating
  • IR and monochrome photograpy
  • Fan Art
  • People
  • Food, cuisine
  • Architecture
  • Animations
  • WIP
  • Watermarks and signatures which obscure the picture
  • Cartoons and Comics
  • Literature
  • Dark, demonic or overtly evil content
  • Violence or blood

  • You may submit 3/folder/day
  • Please submit to Submissions

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact MYPeanutGallery.


Gallery Folders

Violet meadow by JoaRosa
Blue lilies forest by JoaRosa
Noel's Garden Box by KirscheTea
Starling by mant01
Headbutt by Kilsley
Brown Pelican by Kilsley
Cottonmouths by Kilsley
Visit the Little Ringed Plover by albatros1
Animals - Amphibians
Sunbathing by lilianadesign
Toad portrait by mossagateturtle
Frosch im Teich by CeaSanddorn
A Few From The Nature Realm Last Summer by MYPeanutGallery
Animals - Aquatic
Cowfish by NaturalLightPhotos
Moray Eel by NaturalLightPhotos
It's a little crowded... by brittanyfay
Sandy Snooze. by Rabid-Coot
Animals - Big Cats
Cheetah Lick by forevericeskater
Cute Cheetah by forevericeskater
Have You Heard The News by Mouselemur
Majestic Lynx by TheEmpatheticCat
Animals - Butterflies and Moths
Papilio machaon by The-Nunnally
.: Flower Fairy :. by VictorianPrincess
Speckled Wood Butterfly by Missy-MooMoo
Cupido osiris by mossagateturtle
Animals - Cats
Tiger in the grass by Dicky-Mint
cat by kiwipics
A cool cat with a bow tie by FrancescaDelfino
Enox's eyes by AlphaPrimis
Animals - Chipmunks and Squirrels
Curious Squirrel by Spid4
Soft fur smiling by Squirrels2poet2queen
Have A Nice Day by dramaticpeanut
I came to tell you that spring is finally here by Spid4
Animals - Dogs
Chewie 2 by Missy-MooMoo
Border Collie by kiwipics
Kisses from mum by Wolfskuss
Family by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Animals - Farm Animals and Birds
Hen 1 by jennystokes
Family living by IsabellaJainePhoto
Rooster by RunaCorner
Cows in the field. DSCN0549, with story by harrietsfriend
Animals - Horses
Hey Mom - Who is she by DominikaAniola
Animals - Invertibrates
Misumena vatia by The-Nunnally
Animals - Mammals
Red Panda by TheEmpatheticCat
Animals - Pets
Summer hamster by Thunderi
Animals - Reptiles
Hermanns tortoise (Testudo hermanni) by mossagateturtle
Art - Animals
I love frogs by Kajenna
Art - Artisan
Great tit by Hillamer
Art - Birds
Michaelmas Bird by ghostyheart
Art - Black and White
Sunflower by veroska
Art - Flower Fractals
Pastel Pretties by BGai
Art - Flowers
Noel's Garden Box by KirscheTea
Art - Nature
Violet meadow by JoaRosa
Art - Sweet Prose
Victorian Advertising - Bullfinch by Yesterdays-Paper
Black and White Photography
Flowrr Blanca by FranticMezmer
Birds - At Birdbaths and Feeders
New Bird Feeder by boogster11
Birds - Babies
Peachick by forevericeskater
Birds - Bee Eaters, Hummers and Sun Birds
Sipping Nectar by Momoksha
Birds - Birds of Prey
Hot Day by DominikaAniola
Birds - Corvids
Spangled Drongos by Mike-Kossi
Birds - Cranes, Egrets and Herons
Gray heron - very focused by Berlin-Steglitz
Birds - Doves and Pigeons
Watch Where You're Walking. by Rabid-Coot
Birds - Ducks
Female Duck by Missy-MooMoo
Birds - Flightless
Derp by flippytiger
Birds - Game
Fame by dramaticpeanut
Birds - Geese
Canada Goose portrait by pell21
Birds - Houses and Nests
Snow on birdhouses. DSCN3895, with story by harrietsfriend
Birds - In Flight
Bittern 8-5-18 by pell21
Birds - Peacocks
Peacock Dance by forevericeskater
Birds - Seabirds
pensive by MT-Photografien
Birds - Singing
Painted Bunting by Andres-Cadena
Birds - Songbirds
Springtime Tufted Titmouse by natureguy
Birds - Spring Waterfowl
Alle meine Entchen by OliverBPhotography
Birds - Swans
Drifting by KeldBach
Birds - Tropical
Parrot bokeh by AlejandroCastillo
Holidays - Christmas
Snowy Christmas by allison731
Holidays - Easter
Hanging Easter decoration by BlackCatArtDA
Holidays - Halloween
gettin spooky by Zingey
Holidays - Mother's Day
I love frogs by Kajenna
Holidays - New Years
Greeting Card -  Happy New Year by fmr0
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving  by AmbaLeeColtman
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Two swans enjoy the romantic evening by MT-Photografien
Nature - Berries and Nuts
Untitled by Placi1
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
Ananas comosus Variegatus by FranticMezmer
Nature - Flowers
Water Rose by Earth-Hart
Nature - Fruits and Vegetables
Wheat and sky by maska13
Nature - Fungi
mushroom in the rain by isischneider
Nature - Iris
Purple Louisiana Iris by Calypso1977
Nature - Lilies
Star Gazer Lily by NaturalLightPhotos
Nature - Lotus and Waterlilys
Lilypad Bloom by Tailgun2009
Nature - Misc Plants
summer field by Nimbue
Nature - Poppies
Peony Poppy by sara-satellite
Nature - Roses
Fragrance by Applemac12
Nature - Sunflowers
Forest secret by FranticMezmer
Nature - Trees
Spring under the birches II by rosaarvensis
Nature - Landscapes
Landscape by Sergiba
Nature - Minerals
Pink Andean opal by mossagateturtle
Nature - Skyscapes
Spring Dusk by EtherealSceneries
Nature - Water Droplets
Collecting Rain Jewels by Inianna
Nature - Waterscapes
Reflections by ZaraaLeanne
Seasons - Autumn
Autumn 5 by DominikaAniola
Seasons - Spring
Relax your soul by IsabellaJainePhoto
Seasons - Winter
Cold Morning In The Mountains III by Lumimyrskydawn

Invitation to Join


It your art has been requested,
please consider joining us!

Spring Birds

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 9:32 AM


The air is cool, the breeze is light.
The clouds in the sky are fluffy and white.

The flowers open to show their bright faces,
as the garden snail alongside paces.

The trees unfold their bright green leaves.
The spider a silken web she weaves.

The birds sing their notes high and clear.
Cheer up! Cheer up! Spring is here!

~Teresa Underwood


Spring Goldfinch by Nambroth   Robin by corsuse   Sitting in the sun by plumita1

img3924 by zsandor     You see me? I see you by RocksRose     House Sparrow by mozella78

.:European Robin I:. by LSouthern   Another Sunny Day In Spring II by lukias-saikul   Surprise! by NurturingNaturesGift

Springs First Robin by wolfwings1   pic 33 by Nipntuck3   Blue Jay in Pink by barcon53

Gaensebluemchen by AnNacht   Meadow jewels by plumita1   Alert Tiny Gardener by eaglesdarephoto

Spring twitter by IsabellaJainePhoto   Eurasian Blue Tit by linneaphoto  

A Hidden Stellar Jay by wolfwings1   Jewels of nature by plumita1   Golden foresight by RavenMontoya

Red Wattlebird.7034 by DPasschier      Bluebird and Goldfinch by artmovementspgh

Skin by NellyAsher
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